Wordcamp London 2013

Great meeting everyone at Wordcamp London and I had fun volunteering. The speakers were great and the cake was…(drools….beyond words) ha. So here is a list of the slides and notes from the speakers I have found so far. If you have found some more or are a speaker and have your slides please send me a message. Also if you have some useful notes let me know. Once again a big thanks to the speakers.

9:30 am

Shipping code for fun & profit (26 things I learned by shipping code) by Lee Willis

10:00 am

Developing for the new Media Manager by John Blackbourn

GovIntranet WordPress Theme UK Themes by Luke Oatham

10:30 am

The Magic of WordPress by Andrew Nacin

Responsive theming in 2013 – how things have moved on by Rachel McCollin

11:30 am

How do I know if my WordPress website is accessible? by Graham Armfield

Need for Speed: Gear up your WordPress by Hristo Pandjarov

12:00 pm

10 Years of WordPress: a Founder’s View by Mike Little

2:30 pm

Lessons from WordPress 3.6 by Mark Jaquith

2:30 pm

Debugging WordPress by Mario Peshev

WordPress Security by Sam Hotchkiss

UX of the WordPress admin by Adam Onishi

3:00 pm

BuddyPress Myth Busting by Tammie Lister

4:00 pm

Content marketing for real people by Alex Denning

3.5 years of running a WordPress web agency – Do’s, Don’ts and Lessons Learned by Ilona Filipi

4:30 pm

From Blog to Book by Jessica Jones

10 ways that WordPressers can make the world a better place by David Lockie

5:00 pm

On Learning by Nikolay Bachiyski

Can WordPress Save the Publishing Industry? by David Coveney

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